Custom Cuts

Broiler Claw Cut

This custom cut is made by using only the large broiler claw of the King Crab. The cut is scored around the middle of the claw to form a cap. The cap can then be removed to expose the tender juicy meat inside.

Merus Cut

This custom cut involves separating the merus section from the rest of the King Crab leg. It is then split into two halves and reveals the most meat filled section of the crab leg. Weight 2-4 ounces.

Select Portion Cut

This custom cut includes both the shoulder and merus portion of the King Crab leg. Once the section is separated, it is split in two halves to show the meat inside. Weight 3-5 ounces and 5-7 ounces.

Separate Legs & Claws

During processing our King Crab legs can be separated into individual legs and claws from the original cluster.

Split Cut

The split cut includes a single King Crab leg that during processing is split from top to bottom. The end result leaves you with two halves of a King Crab leg and reveals the entire leg’s meat fill.